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I’m Paulina, I help people to learn what is inside cosmetics and how to choose the optimal, natural options for their skincare routine.

That’s the story of FromNature.Ca in a nutshell. Keep on reading if you would like to learn more.


The Beginning

It all started with the “Frankenstein” skin…

Yes, that that’s the way I’ve used to refer to the biggest organ of my body. From age of eleven, my skin kept putting me through most common ailments – except rosacea and vitiligo.

At age of 24, I said, that’s it! I have been enough running between drugstores’ shelves like a crazy ferret and spending a fortune on cosmetics that are bringing only a minor relief!

I’ve started educating myself on cosmetic ingredients, skin diseases, allergies and listening closely to my body response while minimising number of ingredients landing on my skin. I become my own guinea pig (So you don’t have to!) and it indeed started to work for my complexion!

I will always remember my first day without itching and off course my biggest skin success: acne free, flawless face and back, proudly presented in a low cut dress on my wedding day.

I was lucky to connect with very talented biochemists who improved their skin conditions with carefully researched formulas.

We decided to bring these great products from Europe to Canada (they are also available for our US neighbors via international shipping option)

What Is All About?

We stripped our ingredients back to their hypoallergenic bare essentials:
Chemicals that are naturally occurring in human skin structure and help to keep it well-balanced and substances with scientifically proven qualities of accelerating skin regeneration and refining its look.

We want you to be able to create formulas and product sets ideal for your skin.
That’s why we provide single ingredients and customizable cosmetic kits. This approach helps you to expand your knowledge about formulation and effective skin care. You can recreate spa/beauty salon experience without leaving your home.

Our producers are located in Europe far from industrial zones.
We carefully monitor the quality of provided by them ingredients through laboratory analysis and testing on ourselves and group of testers.

Our formulations are tested on humans, not on animals.
Obviously, animal testing is cruel but also doesn’t make any sense. We are different organisms: Chocolate may be good for humans but is poisonous for dogs. 

The packaging we are using is non-reactive, laboratory grade containers and dark glass bottles.
You can easily recycle or reuse them but most importantly they help to preserve original qualities of used ingredients and are better for the environment.

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