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6 best New Year’s resolutions for your skin

Make your skin more beautiful and youthful in 2018 with those 6 rules. They will also improve your life and wellbeing. 1. Get a proper sleep every night Lack of sleep not only makes your skin look tired and older but also slows down regeneration processes. As result blemishes and irritated skin takes longer to […]

Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 3: What is micellar cleanser and how it works?

In the previous posts, we discussed the role of surfactants in cosmetic formulations and presented the most common types of surfactants on the skincare market. In this article, we will focus on micellar cleansers (also sold as micellar waters) as an example of a very beneficial skincare product made using surfactants. Their popularity has been […]

Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 2: Guide to the most common surfactants in cosmetic products

In the Part 1 of the surfactant series, we have focused on explaining what surfactants are and how they work. Now it’s a time to take a closer look at most often used surfactants in cosmetic products and their good or bad properties for your skin. The surfactants presented here are categorized into four groups based […]

Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 1: What the heck is surfactant?

Can you imagine the world without cosmetics? This is what would happen if surfactants didn’t exist. They represent a large group of ingredients and could be found in the majority of products we apply on our skin. Surfactants are crucial to cosmetic formulations. I’ve put together a short series of articles which will give you […]

10 Things You Should Know About Sensitive Skin

There isn’t one medical definition which would precisely explain what sensitive skin is. Skin sensitivity it’s like a large bucket of different symptoms associated with various skin conditions. If you consider your skin as sensitive, there are some important facts you should know. 1. Skin sensitivity and an allergic reaction can look very similar but […]