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Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 3: What is micellar cleanser and how it works?

In the previous posts, we discussed the role of surfactants in cosmetic formulations and presented the most common types of surfactants on the skincare market. In this article, we will focus on micellar cleansers (also sold as micellar waters) as an example of a very beneficial skincare product made using surfactants. Their popularity has been […]

Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 2: Guide to the most common surfactants in cosmetic products

In the Part 1 of the surfactant series, we have focused on explaining what surfactants are and how they work. Now it’s a time to take a closer look at most often used surfactants in cosmetic products and their good or bad properties for your skin. The surfactants presented here are categorized into four groups based […]

Surfactants – Heroes and villains of a skincare routine Part 1: What the heck is surfactant?

Can you imagine the world without cosmetics? This is what would happen if surfactants didn’t exist. They represent a large group of ingredients and could be found in the majority of products we apply on our skin. Surfactants are crucial to cosmetic formulations. I’ve put together a short series of articles which will give you […]

What is NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) And Why Is Essential For Your Skin

Natural Moisturizing Factor

Skin – our biggest and very often most problematic organ. On the other hand, thousands of years of evolution (evolution=only the best adapted will survive) couldn’t get totally wrong, right? In normal conditions when our hormones are not getting crazy, we have very few stressful situations and live in the unpolluted environment our skin is […]

What Is Hyaluronic Acid And How To Use It – Quick Crash Course

Hyuluronic Acid is an excelelent solution for dehydration because of water binding properties.

There are hundreds of beauty ingredients on the market, but in fact, very few are as powerful as hyaluronic acid (HA). I’ve gathered here some useful information and tips for everyone who would like to learn more where the popularity of hyaluronic acid comes from and to give you some insight into benefits of using […]