Products For Dry Skin


Dry Skin Characteristics

Dry skin produces not enough sebum which helps to retain moisture in its top layer. Limited lipid level can’t stop water from evaporation causing the following symptoms:

  • the feeling of tightness, especially after prolonged contact with water during shower, bath or swimming
  • flaking or even scaling;
  • dullness – gray, ashy skin in people with dark skin;
  • small pores;
  • thinness;
  • lack of elasticity;

In severe cases, dry skin shows signs of itching, burning, cracking, or even fissuring.

What to blame? 

In the first place our genes. If your mother or grandmother was fighting with skin dryness, it is possible you will struggle with the same problem. There are also other factors such as prolonged extreme climate conditions (both cold and hot, with little humidity), harsh cosmetics, and certain types of medications.

Unfortunately, the aging process has also a lot to with this uncomfortable skin dryness, as sebum production gradually decreases and hormonal balance changes.

Dry or Dry-Sensitive?

Let’s face the truth if your skin is super dry it means that natural barrier function is severely weakened and makes it prone to sensitization and allergic reactions. In this case – yes, you have sensitive skin, and it should be taken care of as such, with additional focus on building up the moisture and protecting it from evaporation.

Avoiding your known allergens and harsh chemicals followed by skincare routine with products packed with occlusive oils, water and strong humectants will help bring the balance without sensitisation.