Products For Oily Skin


Oily Skin Characteristics

Oily Skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands producing increased amount of sebum.

The constant overproduction of sebum widens the pores making them more visible. Excess oil combines with dead skin cells, sweat and dirt creating clogs filling the pores. The clogs are called comedo and have two forms:

Whiteheads – trapped by a closed skin without any air exposure.

Blackheads – pores remain open, and clogging darkens as result of oxidization, being constantly exposed to air

Both comedo types create an ideal environment for the excessive growth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is normally present on the skin may cause inflammation known better as acne.

80% cases of oily skin are thought to be caused by genetic predisposition. First symptoms show up during puberty when androgens – male hormones drastically increase both in male and female bodies stimulate sebaceous glands to mature.

Oily- Sensitive

It’s a myth that only dry skin can be sensitive. The oily-sensitive skin not only gets shiny and clogged but also is tends toward breakouts, redness, rashes and burning sensations after exposure to certain products and weather change. The best way to take care if this type of skin is to avoid exposure to sensitizing agents and base the skin care on hypoallergenic cosmetics that don’t clog the pores and deeply moisturize at the same time.


Dehydration in the oily skin occurs when sebum layer has been stripped off by prolonged skin washing or using harsh, irritating products. Very often people with acne prone skin try to clean it up with strong cosmetics to achieve “squeaky clean” feeling. Skin without sebum drastically loses the water in result the “panicking “sebaceous glands start producing, even more, sebum to stop the evaporation and to rebuild natural barrier. This protective mechanism is not very efficient if serious water loss in skin already occurred, even worse—the thick layer of sebum blocks the water absorption from the air.