6 best New Year’s resolutions for your skin

Make your skin more beautiful and youthful in 2018 with those 6 rules. They will also improve your life and wellbeing.

1. Get a proper sleep every night

Lack of sleep not only makes your skin look tired and older but also slows down regeneration processes. As result blemishes and irritated skin takes longer to heal. The well-rested body will also improve your mood and as result give you a natural glow.

2. Skip the tanning beds and “frying” on the beach

The sun damage is a number 1 factor in skin aging process along with the increased risk of skin cancer. Don’t be lured by acne healing properties of tanning. The improvement doesn’t last long because skin tried to protect itself from drying by overproduction of sebum.

3. Ditch the sweet

Digested sugar molecules permanently attached to collagen and impair its functions in your skin in a process called glycation. On top of that, too much sugar increases inflammation and can trigger or worsen such conditions as acne, rosacea, or excess hair growth.

4. Drink more water

It might sound like cliché but our bodies desperately need a proper hydration to function.The water works as a flushing medium for organs responsible for removing toxins from your body – kidneys, liver, colon and off course skin. Even one extra glass of water in your daily intake can make a huge difference. Besides, thirst is often mistaken with hunger causing overeating and weight gain.

5. Lower your alcohol intake

Alcohol drinks not only contain a lot of aging sugar but also cause dehydration, impair your liver function and depletes many important for skin nutrients such as vitamin C or group B vitamins.

6. Give your skin regular TLC

Create your own beauty ritual such as home spa treatment, face mask or/ and massage. It will not only help you unwind but also improve your skin appearance and self-esteem.

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